Tuesday, July 3, 2007


The smiley – a creation of the internet. It can catch you off guard and even make you smile. But universally, how does it affect how you see what you read? Here’s an example – the president of a huge company comes on TV, he says we need to go to let certain people go…a huge number of people. And he says it with a big smile. How would you interpret it? What’s the guy up too? Is he telling a joke?

On the internet it can mean so much more. It can tell you that what was just written was done in jest, or as a joke. But how does that simple smile make you feel? I admit the simple ones can make me smile and sometimes even giggle.

What kinds do you like? I like those simple non-colorful ones. You know, the ones you can create with various fonts or the simple colon, dash, right parenthesis ones. I like to smile, and share my crazy attitudes sometimes. It’s my way of sharing a smile.

So smile. Often - and how about in color!


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