Friday, August 31, 2007

Catching a Dream...

I want to escape! No, that's not quite right...I want to travel! I want to go to Ireland and England and hoof it around, or catch a train all over the islands and see what's historical and what has beauty - what's ancient, and maybe a bit more modern. And I want to see and hear people all over describing what's going on in speeches that tell of the sites, or simply overhear conversations of people in front of me in line.

Nothing as specific as London, but nothing as general as Scotland. Confused? Don't be. My passions tend to be a jumble. You see I've loved those two isles since I was young so the whole of the British Isles has been a dream for a long time to me. I even dream of working for the British Museum and living in a flat for a year, and have read all that I could both fiction and non!

But many constraints have kept me here - tied to my place on planet earth. So instead I dream and try to catch that "mist" in a net, and some how make it real, for until I hold it in my hand and roll it over and over examining it so carefully - it will only be a dream.

I need to live the dream!

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