Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weather, Rain, and the World

Weather can set the mood for any day. For many rainy or snowy days brings the blues and lethargy that is frustrating. Isn’t it funny that we change so with the weather? I have chosen to try to enjoy the rain, and after our perfectly dry summer the rain has really come as a blessing, though not to the crops – I fear it’s really too late for most of them. Sitting at the window, or watching the water run down my car window at a light really gives a different view of what rain can be. It’s definitely quite good art in the sense that the drops running together create this lovely view of dripping colors as if the painting is melting.

When wandering into that runny world - into a soft summer shower it can make you feel clean and sticky and wet all at once. My dogs hide from the rain most of the time in their dog house, but willingly run out to greet a squirrel, or a passer by. They don’t seem to mind getting wet at all then, and neither do I. Guess I’m too old to care how I look when I’m wet.

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