Thursday, September 6, 2007

All Creatures Great and....

From a chair on my patio today I sat and watched a mail humming bird literally scaring away all who approached my humming bird feeder today. This has been happening for at least a month and it is quite an extraordinary site to see. The little fellow has three or four pieces where he hides to watch for intruders, sometimes he even sits on the hook that holds the feeder unwilling to let any approach.

I put another feeder seven feet away in hopes of giving the other hummers a chance, but he has become even more vigilant diving between and keeping most of the other neighborhood hummers away. He's really quite territorial!

I think this summer I have really enjoyed watched all the new creatures that inhabit my yard. From humming birds, to humming bird moths, to toads I've really been enjoying each as they pass over my little piece of ground. That's the part of summer I really love. My flower garden, and critters that frequent it, and my yard as well.

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