Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just a Little Touch of Stardust

"Fly me to the moon"...or how about, "Light up your face with gladness, Hide every trace of sadness." The jazz standards have a draw for me. I love Diana Krall, Tony Bennett and so many more who take all those songs, those simple songs and makes them come alive as if they could breathe and look at you - right through you with intense, knowing eyes.

My favorites happen to be the soft ones that have lyrics that make you think, and feel. I can sit and listen to Mr. Bennett and close my eyes and see the grass in front of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, or listen to the "A Train" and feel the bumps and stalls of the subway and the smell of excitement as you get closer to Harlem. What makes those songs work - what gives them the simmering love, or pain or simple everyday joy? Maybe it's the emotion that the composer, lyricist, or song stylist evoke through the way they interpret each note, word or tone.

Music drives the world. Look at the explosion of songs downloaded from the net, or even the iPod. My favorite music isn't jazz, or classical, or even Celtic it's any and all genres that take on lives of their own. Music to have life needs so much...and so little. And that's what keeps me comin' back for another bite from a juicy trail of notes and words that helps me see each day, or night in a whole new lyrical light.

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