Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One Totally Confused Lilac Bush!

I stepped outside the door this morning with my dog and took a deep breath of our nice NEW cooler temperatures. We've been deep summer hot for way too long, but a cold front came through last night and I woke to an air conditioner that was off courtesy of my husband on his way out this morning, and open windows with the most lovely breeze sailing through my house! With a cup of coffee in hand I stepped out onto our patio. There is nothing better that the smell of coffee and fall!

I looked around and began contemplating what plants needed to be cut back this morning and my eyes stopped dead and my brown and rather rumpled lilac bush. There was something frilly and purple at the top...no! Lilacs bloom in the spring! I rose and walked a few steps to my bush to take a better look.

There at the tip of a branch were four purple flowers blooming and smelling lovely. Not a complete lilac flower - that's for sure, but a few tiny flowers none the less and the smell was just grand.

"Poor bush, it's totally out of sync," I said. This is fall, not spring! Was I crazy? I went back and sat in my chair and took another gulp of my coffee. What prompted this small burst of spring? Totally confused, I wandered back toward the flowers and looked at them again. Yes, they were real.

New flowers on a bush that was so brown and almost ready for winter's chill. My shrub had really lost it! It's confused and isn't sure what season it is I'm sure. Let's see...hot summer, hot fall, well we did have those few days of cooler temperatures. Nature does strange things sometimes, but as I sat there in that cool fall day I decided to sit there and enjoy all that my garden held for me today...the fall colors, the crisp air, and the promise of spring.

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