Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vacations Instantly!

Times away from home are always lovely. They give time to look at where you are in life and sometimes how to make changes that are needed. But, it also is a time to escape the ordinary things of life and give a taste of something different.

If you are a history buff, you can visit a museum or local historical places. Places that take you back and help you learn something new are a great escape. If you're a gardener during the spring, summer and fall there are always gardens to explore, even garden centers are fun! Whatever turns you on is a way to have fun on that break from your normal week.

How about a weekly vacation, is that a possibility? You bet! An escape to a meal with friends, or a trip to the library can make personal time great. I am a library fanatic and enjoy wandering the rows of books looking at what is available to read. Taking time to read can be a vacation in itself! How many of you have gotten to read a book all night and finished it in the morning? That can be a real luxury. Anything can be that vacation for me. A walk along the woods with my dog or simply a little nap when you first get home from work can be an instant break from the world. You know something, I SIMPLY love vacations!

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