Saturday, December 22, 2007

What Is It Really???

What is Christmas?

Is it the presents? (Those gifts we get many of which we don't want and do not need.)
Is it the shopping, the fighting of those crowds on black Friday or any other day up to the 24th of December?

And if it isn't that, what is it?! Christmas use to be about family first (Think the best loved and most requested song from WWII, "I'll Be Home For Christmas."), and about taking time for faith and remembering. It may be an American holiday now, but it began as a religious ceremony first - Christ's Mass. Christmas.

It is NOT a holiday created by the retailers, though you certainly would think so by the way they hook us with all those things we don't need.

So at least spend the time revisiting your priorities. Family and that special closeness that comes from a shared faith and love.


Meam Wye said...

It's a two year old post but valid and thought-provoking for the year 2009 as well. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Ciss B said...

Thank you, Meam. I believe we have commercialized way too much of the important things like faith in life. Blessings to you this season too!