Thursday, January 24, 2008

Memories of Winter Days

Winter for kids means excitement, sledding and sometimes snow days. I can remember when my boys were young and the screaming excitement that always came with that first snowfall. Down the stairs they tumble yelling at each other and me. “Where are my snow pants?” or, “Is breakfast ready? We need to get to the hill!” Like a bunch of excited puppies falling over everything in their path they exploded through the halls and kitchen of our small house hitting every wall and always pushing, shoving, and knocking over anything in their path to the back door.

I remember those days when ever we get snow and over my morning coffee rerun those days each year with a smile. Their hill was a snow pile in the parking lot of the senior housing next door and they wore it down quickly – until the next snow fall.

Memories pile up these days. My youngest always said that snow was his favorite toy in winter. Today it makes for my favorite thoughts of winter.

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