Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter is a Thoughtful Season

Winter has returned after days of 50 degree weather here in the North country. We have about 2 inches of a slushy snow and temps are dropping. Isn't it funny how the weather affects people? For me winter means a time of solitude and thought, and enjoying the total change it brings in my yard.

I love watching the foot prints in the snow of our area critters because it gives an idea of what we have in the area. I see the plodding tracks of a large racoon, bunnies, squirrels and the occasional cat. This time of the year I see the leftovers of our local hawks as well. They are also wonderful to watch in the sky circling their territorial areas. We even have a small flying squirrel nesting in one of our trees that if I stay up late enough I can enjoy at one of the many bird feeders in our yard.

This off season for me is also a time to order seeds and prepare for spring in my garden. I have new flowers every year with the many annuals I plant, but also look forward to those that push through the earth every spring.

The garden is a place I enjoy all year long because even in winter I have birds using my trellis' and bushes around the garden as hidding places. My dogs love to jump in the middle of the holly bushes to send the birds exploding in every direct every time they are in the yard. They sniff through the lilacs and butterfly bushes in search of fun since neither are hunters.

I enjoy the winter because it is a time for thoughts with out the hurry to get out and weed or care for the garden. It's where I meditate and find peace even in this the coldest time of year.

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