Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Politics can drive you crazy. Especially during the craziness of a presidental campaign. I don't believe in politicians because no matter how hard they've tried there are lies in what they offer to those who vote. It's all for the love of the vote for them. Any promise, any baby to kiss all for the next vote - the next numbers gain.

For me the past presidential elections have either been voting for the lessor of two evils, or who can I write in here because I can't vote for either candidate. I know I'm rare here, and I'm not afraid to say that, but for someone who feels she should vote it can be a trying time. I know that power corrupts even the best of men or women and I've seen what a heady froth of power can do to those who have little self control, in fact we all have.

What's really special is super Wednesday, and the day after the November election when thing settle back down and maybe the frustrations of those who were driven by one candidate or another can settle a bit. I'm for the quieter news day, you know the one where there is simply war, pestilence...and peace.

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