Monday, March 17, 2008

Recession and Change

Monday is past, and yet we've had many changes today. Wall Street had a major drop courtesy of Bear-Sterns, and our recession riddled economy has frightened many, so what is life coming to today - tomorrow and on into the future?

Life in Michigan isn't easy now, tool and die jobs that use to be secure and something to be proud of are leaving for other countries and leaving many in this economy fearful and scratching their heads. If we send those jobs away many will retrain - but what about those who are in their 50s and will probably not be considered for other jobs because of their age? Where do they go? We have seen in our country so many different types of discrimination that we don't see it affected those who are older as a real problem. And this is only one of the many jobs that are disappearing. The jobs that are replacing them are service jobs with low salaries, with little or no benefits.

Are there answers to the conundrum we face over job loss and an economy that is sinking as fast as the government is throwing money at the problems? All these questions are are important to answer if we are to solve the financial crisis in this country. We need to look at how much we need to change our live styles to better accommodate our new economy. We need to look closely at our present consumerism driven society and begin to make changes both personally, and as a nation. Can we do it? I certainly hope so.

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