Tuesday, March 11, 2008

St. Paddy's Day

What is it like, if you’re really Irish? Is it a once a year thing that is all green beer, and a rollicking good time on that one saint’s day a year? The simple answer is of course no. Though we’re a people that enjoy a great tune and time together with friends we aren’t into green beer, that’s an American invention much like the wearing of nothing but green. We do like a good pint, but for many of us any saint’s day begins with church and ends with a meal and family.

The old fashioned word melancholy often is used to describe our attitude toward the world and that to is often part of who we are. Pain can often bring out that black side in all of us, but the small joys give strength and bring us together.

So why have the Irish become so much a part of the consciousness for many here in America and around the world? Through poverty and loss we’ve seldom lost our sense of humor, or our need for music to dance away the problems of any day.

So what makes us special? Probably the very fact that we know how to celebrate, how to put problems on the back burner and rejoice for the simple joy of being alive - come share this time, let’s raise a glass together to good music, good spirits, family, friends and all that is good in our lives!

Beannachtai na Feile Padraig!

May the blessings of light be upon you,
Light without and light within,
And in all your comings and goings,
May you ever have a kindly greeting
From them you meet along the road.

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