Monday, April 21, 2008

Coffee is an American Treat

Where do you get that first cup of coffee, or joe in the morning? I think many of us start with a cup brewed at home - no matter that how good a coffee maker you are that first cup is always a great start to any day!

I also like to discover a special place to have another cup, maybe in a comfortable booth or outdoor table somewhere local. We're lucky here in Holland to have quite a few places to comfortably settle in with a great cup of coffee. In most places you'll find students, those who like the Internet as well as those who read or simply sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Here the coffee house movement of the fifties has really had a reemergence. In the fifties it was a place to gather and have coffee, and often had poetry readings. Today the coffee is better in my opinion, there is an ambiance that is more European than in the past, and more accessible to everyone. Besides, the coffee is great!

Well, I'm off to enjoy the people watching, and some really good coffee!

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