Monday, April 28, 2008

Flowers in Spring

Spring. For me means so many different things, but the thought, the picture that stays in my mind when I imagine spring after a long winter it is the first sight of a crocus or daffodil - that is spring's real statement of new life which is a totally new beginning.

Spring can be wonderfully gaudy in those new beginnings, or like when it first begins can be delicate and pastel and simple. Unlike the profusion of life in summer, spring can actually have many faces, and all new starts for that year's new season.

My paternal grandmother as she aged made a celebration of each decade of her life by doing something out of the ordinary for an "old" person. One decade she took up diving, one she took up snowshoeing but whatever she took on, she challenged herself to physically and mentally stretch. In her later years golf was one of those challenges and she always read volumes to keep up on an ever changing world. This seemed to her to be the way to the real fountain of youth.

I have taken up that same challenge - but in my own way. From this day forward I will try to find something new and lovely about life and myself with each new spring. I certainly won't wait for a new decade since I want to cherish all that I have in this life of mine. Like the flowers every spring I will stretch to touch those different and new things and embrace them.

Grandma C, here's to you and your every growing love for new beginnings!!

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