Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Room of Ones Own

Blue sky today. With that touch of clue, and the sunshine I have become a sun worshiper all over again with the coming of spring! Right now I am sitting at my desk, peeking through the slats of the blinds that cover the window to see the large branches of a neighboring tree and enjoying the backdrop of puffy white clouds, and blue that almost takes the breathe away.

I consider my office/TV room the cave, it's dark and cluttered usually. I don't mind the cave feel because it's the only room that seems to catch the overflow from the rest of our house and really is a comfortable spot. The walls are lined with runners that hold shelves covered with books and
miscellaneous other junk (junque!), and our computer desk is stacked with papers, and other paraphernalia that seems to slither its way down here all on it's own. We also have 2 filing cabinets, wrapping paper for gifts piled in a corner, a TV surrounded by four boxes that makes it able to be, a movie house, and receptor for the HD signals from all over.

This is all present in a room that is only about 8 X 10 feet! I love to be in it since it's often home to ideas, and to escapes from the world during any given day. Having a room of one's own to dream, write and sometimes simply ponder is truly a gift.

The other great part of this hideaway is the window which seems like a picture show too, since it is constantly changing it's views. From green to gray, from white to the yellows and gold of fall my "window-vision" gives a scene that isn't cluttered and very restive. For that the room something I am very thankful!

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