Thursday, June 12, 2008


It's the sleepy, rub your eyes time of night, and here I sit gazing at a glowing screen that shifts colors as I page through the various sites I frequent daily. I think I am more than a bit too addicted to this little box and tower that stands on my desk, but I love to write, and so I expand my words from one side of this electronic world to the other.

Why do I write? A difficult question...but one I have to answer each time I sit here before the magic box to create in my own personal colors and images that all come out in black on white.

I write because the thoughts keep coming, because I need to empty my mind to be able to capture that elusive thing called sleep on any given night of the week. But mostly I write because I love the sound of the words as they bang out on that keyboard where the letters have all been rubbed off from use, and have returned back onto my own fingers to return and race around my mind only to find a new way to explode out again in those sights and sounds splashed on another page...again, tomorrow.

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