Friday, August 8, 2008

After Thoughts - Again, and Again

Whoever said failure is the mother of success didn't really have to live through the agonizing pain of losing part of yourself as your writings continue to belong to the paper you use to work for - but you aren't a part of it because the paper has been "discontinued." Someone's writing is an extension of who they are - at least it is that way for me! But though my writing is still there, I'm no longer connected. It's like the umbilical cord has been ripped out of my body and I've not given birth to the words yet!

This is what I call an "UGH!" situation, and it's one I have no control over. I'd love to use some colorful metaphors, but they really don't help - even thought they are a bit cathartic at the moment of conception. It's funny, each of my previous careers started out so good and ended in a dead end road type of liberating moment. They simply spin those wheels and go absolutely no where.

Why couldn't I have had the courage to do this crazy stuff when I was younger?! This is painful to do when you're suppose to be getting in that old age rut ya know!

I think I had better just disappear for the evening before I do even more analyzing of this wacked situation.

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