Thursday, January 15, 2009

Candles Burning

I’m burning the midnight oil these days! That’s something I do on a regular basis since that is my most productive time for house work and writing. It’s funny when you’re ADHD simply focusing on basic tasks can be almost impossible sometimes. But when I’m a bit tired in the evening I find there is this window of time is when I can be terribly productive and I’ve learned to really take advantage of it!

When my boys were little I stayed up late simply to create a small pocket of sanity in my busy world. I actually survived on about 5 hours of sleep a night - with 12 hours of sleep every so often when I crashed of course. Today I find that I need to either sleep in, or nap when I can which means Sundays after church has become my time for L-O-N-G naps!

But this life style can wreck havoc on friendships sometimes! My best friend is a real morning person and wants to have coffee in the early morning hours when I find it difficult to even function! I can only handle a few days like that and I then descend into the mega grouchies. So, I have developed a rather crazy pattern whereby I find hours and sometimes minutes where I can catch a few Zs in order to function and not simply end up as some sleepless vampire with those nasty circles under my eyes.

I do share some of my days with grandchildren, or helping my son on his vending route (He owns a small vending business and we fill snack and pop machines that are all over our city.). Between helping him out, picking up grandkids from school or simply enjoying their company on afternoons I find I am never bored or lacking something to do to keep from being bored.

I have friends who work and they often ask me how I can be so very busy and I simply remind them that we in our senior years have more to do now than we did while working. Personally, I never could see how those who were retired could be so busy when I was younger, but between church and family I find that I am really way too busy to work! This part of life has truly turned into quite a strange phenomenal time.

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