Monday, March 23, 2009

An Antique of Great Value

A creature of wood and metal, a thing from the early age of motoring that can turn heads even today exists in a vehicle that isn’t worth a huge amount but always creates a smile, and sometimes even a memory. That was the car my husband brought home in pieces over ten years ago on a flat bed trailer in pieces.

When he drove into the driveway with his huge grin, and a multitude of rusty pieces of metal I was more than a bit apprehensive. After all it's just a gas tank here and an axle there and of course the frame, but this was a frame where there were no doors or roofs that makes a car. How would you be held in the car if not by the walls, roof and doors?

I soon discovered that a car can be only the frame, in the beginning. that frame, an engine, the wheels, and tires helps all automobiles move through our every day world. And sometimes in our imaginations too because those who love antique cars can see all the wonderful possibilities.

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Chris said...

I love old cars too!