Saturday, May 22, 2010

From This Moment On...

A month ago I stopped writing on my blogs. I just was no longer driven by my love of words and I needed the time to assess whether I even wanted to continue blogging. I’m not sure that I’m totally ready to begin again because nothing seems to draw me in to explore or discover like it use to, but I think I need to at least test the waters once more.

As I sit here this evening I’m listening to Radio Celt and the wonderful traditional tunes they share all the time online. Music has always been one of the real passions in my life. The notes from the strings, the pipes, as well as the heartfelt words the balladeers and instrumentalists are the only thing holding tight to my heart and mind at the moment.

You see, that is the extent of my life today…well, not quite because I am still a grandmother and mother and I’m spending quite a bit of time serving those little ones who need the ride to school or I’m there as the occasional babysitter, too. I have only a few moments to write and I am sad to say that I really don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

Like many these days I find my heart is in the music and usually find myself working out daily difficulties through some fiddle tunes as well as the jigs and reels that flow to my ears and heart through my iPod Shuffle.

So, this is my long way of saying that I will be by my blogs to share a note or song from my heart, but it will not be as often as I use to because my life and its purpose is in flux and changing daily. I’m not yet sure where this new path will take so I hope you’ll bear with me.

Oh, and Go raibh maith agat as do chuid ama, (Thank you very much,) - for being a listener to my past written madnesses and also for the scribblings that are to come. I hope you’ll still be with me as we move forward and try to discover how this hand plays out, together.


Meam Wye said...

Great to have you back! It's a good idea to continue your blogging even if it becomes less frequent and irregular. Looking forward to hearing more from you :)

Ciss B said...

Thanks Meam! Hope all is well with you!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful to hear that you are enjoying all the life has to offer. Please stop by now and then and share your thoughts with us when you have the odd moment!

Anonymous said...

As always your pacing suits me. WWhen there is stormy weather, visiting your blog reminds me that there is a strong woman out there, an anchor, a soothing voice in this troubled times.