Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Last, But Certainly Not the Least of One Wonderful Vacation

I haven't written on this part of my trip, because it was the end of our time in Ireland, and who would want to let go of those kind of memories?  But we all know that my finishing a story it doesn't mean that the story is over.  For me it seems with each picture I get images of days and that makes for great times that can be relived as often as I want to re-explore Ireland!  So here's another chapter.  

The most beautiful and the most inspirational part of the journey was our visit to the Rock of Cashel.  Often known as St. Patrick's Rock, this was originally the residence for the Kings of Munster.  Found in County Tipperary it was an absolutely beautiful day when we visited.  The Rock was given to the church in 1101.  While we were there much of the site was being restored, but the tour still got us in much of the Cathedral anyway.  The most awe inspiring part was the view from the Rock which was really fabulous.

This is a copy of the Cross
of St. Patrick on the Rock.
The original is inside the
main building to keep it
from weathering any more.

While we were here there was quite
a bit of restoration going on!

This is the west side
where the bishop lived.

The wall of the cathedral
has no stained glass
windows, but the wholes
remaining are the home for
many nesting birds.
I loved the arches!  That
and the gravel floor gave
a real echo of the past.

The cemetery just outside
the cathedral goes back
centuries.  What made this
part of the tour extra special
was the view of the
surrounding fields - we
could see for miles!

The round tower, typical
of many found in Ireland
was really beautiful.

The out side view of the cathedral.
The side chapel in the
side of the cathedral
had many murals that
because of the damp climate
are fading or mildewing.

This is one of a few of the murals
and carvings that still exist in
the chapel.

I could not get enough of the views
from the Rock.

After a tour of the Rock
we headed into the
village below.  Good food
and shopping here!

More of the views from the

A shot of the village.
This was one of the many fields
that graced the hillsides of
Ireland.  I was blown away by
the many colors of green that
the spring holds here.

The Rock has a sheer face on the
East side.  There were two small
boys climbing like monkeys on the
face and it made me VERY

Another view.

We boarded the bus and headed
out to Kinsale and the ocean.  I
really love the signposts in
Ireland! (Take time to click on
the picture to see the various
places we could have gone!)
On the bus we were finally heading further West and away from the large cities of the East and into the rural  farm communities and fishing villages of West Ireland.


Ciss B said...

I have been dealing with Blogger this evening again and I apologize for the constant changes that made it impossible to see this entry until now.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I know what you mean, I too constantly battle with the the limitations it imposes, although that being said it has its advantages too. I was shocked to see coming back from vacation that the entire upload interface had changed. (I use Blogger in Draft.) What a great trip. Each photo does tell a story.

Ciss B said...

Sometimes, when the previews look perfect I publish and come to find out that it's all jumbled and the pictures are on top of each other! Sometimes it happens days latter!! So frustrating!

The trip however was perfect. I was so afraid to say that at first, but it was. Lovely beyond anything I could have imagined and the people all over were so helpful and sweet! I cannot tell how much help I was given with a trust you do not see here in the States. I spent a truly magical time there in the land of green.

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Ciss B said...

Thank assignment.

nothingprofound said...

What a beautiful spot, drenched in history and natural beauty!

Ciss B said...

Thanks, Nothingprofound. Ireland really grabbed me in ways I did not believe it could. I could go back there, and leave all the technology here in the U.S. for the special feel of this country and it's people.

Granted it has a connection for me since it is my ancestral home, but it really does seem to have a special something that draws a person in. From the beauty of it's wild west country to it's welcoming people it is a truly special place.