Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm waiting for these beauties to climb the stalks with those velvety leaves and pop out with those glorious pink bells! So many of my perennials did not survive this past winter and I feel these holes in my garden, severely. I've filled in many of the holes with annuals, and they're ones I've not used ever before. Sweet Peas, African Daisies and Calendulas. Mostly through seeding an area since the cost of the plants are too much so the seeds will have to do. I'm impressed with the lovely green leaves that are surfacing from those seeds now. The sunflowers look rather a lovely, sturdy green already too.

I actually counted the perennials that I lost and it is over 15 different plants! But the annuals are filling the voids rather well and that is thrilling for me.

So despite the tough times, my garden truly holds a special hope for a beautiful plot of petals and leaves by mid-summer.

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LovingGrand said...

Geez I wish I knew the secret to growing Foxglove and also butterfly bushes neither of which came back for me either this year. Your photo is awesome.

Seems I can only grow bee balm the best - LOL - I do nothing and it just amazes me. It's a long wait for the blooms so I can watch the little hummers through the bay window enjoying their splendor more than I do.