Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Memories From a Garden

Being a gardener, I am constantly on the lookout for great plants for my garden. Last year I bought three plants - not blooming and just ratty green leaves. I wasn't sure those three perennials would even survive but the price was definitely right. This year I've had the most wonderful surprise in that they are the most prolific bloomers and are simply spectacular! One was an old fashioned flower that my grandmother use to have in her garden.

When I was little I use to sit with my knees tight under my chin looking my Grandma Nona's garden. I watched the bees and butterflies zoom or flutter and felt as if I was in a faerie's world. My imagination had faeries dancing around the garden using the flowers as dresses. They would dip and whirl as the dresses rippled and seemed to fly with each puff of wind.

Her favorite flowers were the poppies, but the foxglove came a close second because they were so prolific and you could almost get lost in those bell-like blossoms. The pink and lavendar bells made me think of lovely ball gowns and added an old fashioned touch to my faerie dreams.

So now, when I watch those flowers bobbing with every breeze I am reminded of my grandmother and the lovely memories created in that very special garden.

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