Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Hawk on "Dive!"

Have you ever watched a hawk in flight? To watch the grace and the speed they exhibit flying or hunting is wonderful and I got a really breathless view of one sitting on my patio this morning. The weather was cool and I took a cup of coffee out to enjoy watching the birds flocking all over my backyard, and to enjoy the antics of our two humming birds as they dove after each other through the morning glories and black eyed susan vines. Suddenly there was a swoop and the biggest Cooper's hawk I've seen simply ridding the wind into our yard diving down from above. But those little birds were faster and dove into the various plants and bushes in the yard and out of site - this time.

Many feel that the hawk is an intruder in the garden but for me it is a sign of the power found in God's creation, and it's beautiful to watch. I sat long after the hawk had moved on and watching the birds dashing below the leaves of plants and back out to rest a moment on the spent stalks of flowers or the stems of the sunflowers. If anything is heaven for me, it has to be here. There are no arguments nor any anger...simply beauty and peace. I love it.

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