Sunday, September 23, 2007

Leaves for Thought

Sitting in a lawn chair, leaning back and watching the sky is a wonderful place to be on a cool fall morning. I sat this morning taking in the cool air watching the contrails and the bees buzzing all over what is left of my garden. That wonderful patch of ground filled with flowers this summers has become brown with long gray stalks where birds play and the only color comes from the asters and mums...but that is enough.

The fall is a minimalist season, unlike the spring with its exploding exuberance it is more a quiet exit to a gentler time. Though winter is often filled with winds and void of color, it is also a time of quite withdrawal. Behind closed doors there are more quiet pass times for many in our part of the country so fall is that thoughtful time where I contemplate life and wrap myself in the colors and quiet that comes from kids back in school, and life returning to a settled way.

Fall is here and I actually am looking forward to the season, and that cold one that's coming after as well. I love the summer's flowers and feeling of being productive, but I am more a fall devotee. The raking up of the summer's memories, and the moving on to a new day.

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