Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm Just Tired, That's All...

What's wrong with sleep deprivation? It's getting us new cars, more money for our families...but it's also creating more people who are suffering from debilitating depression, and so many other physical problems that many of us would never have otherwise. Is it worth it? How many times have any of us almost fallen asleep at the wheel, or yelled at someone when you didn't mean it?

Each of us suffers in some way without enough sleep. Some only need 6 hours, but many of us need 8 or more, and yet we ridicule people who can't handle that lack of sleep. Creativity suffers, friendships suffers. Is it worth it? For me, I just don't know. Part of me wants to find a way back to something simpler. What in life is worth this many problems?

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