Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stains, Clutter and Life

I hate stains!!! I am one who strips the kid when there is a stain that needs attention and over the years my sons let me know that this was sometimes frightening since it would often come almost unexpectedly the minute I saw them. I know if I don't get to most are not taken care of it will set so I am quick to attack them.

I'm not much for all the cleaning, but cooking and laundry actually are almost a passion. I'm lucky, because my husband doesn't mind that. I am a pile make. That is because if I put things away neatly, they're gone forever to me. I never can find them again...well maybe I could find them, but certainly not when I need them! So my office and desk are piled high and look messy, but they aren't because I know which one has what I need. Why can I find things there and not that which has been neatly filed away? I wish I had answers for that question. I have tried over the years to change and use the filing system. I have filing cabinets where only a few things can be found though they are filled. My husband knows better how to use these files so I leave them to him.

It's interesting how stains, and those pieces of paper that make up the files I keep are two of my passions. I guess it's how life becomes a whole thing for me. It makes life, mine in all senses. So this messy, creative, obsessive lady enjoys her small house - and life!

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