Sunday, November 4, 2007

Frost, and It's Love/Hate Relationship with Summer

Frost. It covers the grass with a thick coating of white and when you walk through it you can see the path as if you'd walked down a sandy beach.

This morning it sparkled on the grass and surrounding plants like a light snow fall. What really stood out this morning in the frost were the huge leaves of my morning glories who as the sun hit them withered and turned a dark wet green and were almost brown by the end of the day.

I find I love the changes from one season to another. They are so like life, but they bud, bloom and dies so quickly in one season of summer. From that promising first bloom, to the loss of the petals seems so short but the beauty stays and lingers in my life through the pictures I take, and those that haunt my mind throughout the white that comes with winter. The colors linger like the taste that is rolled around on your tongue to hold that wonderful flavor over and over again.

So enjoy the colors and the tastes that explode in the summer. Hold those colors close in those dark days of winter. That's a way to keep summer alive the whole year through.

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