Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Changing Seasons

It’s that time of year for changes for us here in the North. It began with a bit of cold that pushed its way through the warm screen door and sent summer scurrying further South. At first because of the dry summer I wasn’t sure if we would have our normal colorful fall but some of the trees have exploded with reds so it finally is fall here.

Many here aren’t into fall and winter but I love those seasonal changes. I grew up where those seasons were celebrated by some, though we have our share of snow birds. But the fall and winter are great fun for me even though I have to live in layers. Playing in the leaves can be so much fun with anyone under the age of 6! And there’s nothing like the snow to make snow angels, or snowmen with. (Does anyone remember the snowmen Calvin built in Calvin and Hobbes?)

The seasons are all fun…and your perspective on them is everything!!

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