Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Tree of Memories

A tree can be more that branches and green. It can be a tall ship with riggings to lean on, or a balloon that can take you anywhere you want to go. As a child there was a huge tree that when I close my eyes I can see so vividly that I want to climb even yet today. The tree was my hide away, my place to get away from family and to use my mind to fly away to far off places.

It was also my comfy couch to read after chores. I'd take the book I was reading and climb as high as I could go. There was a small nest of large branches where I could sit and escape to Prince Edward Island, or England - wherever my book would take me and be rocked in gentle breezes as I soared high with my imagination.

The tree is gone now, but it is still with me when I close my eyes and want to escape from the everyday world. I can even feel the bark and the strength that was that friend who gave me freedom in such a special way.

My tree was my dream home, and a safe haven during the many storms of childhood.

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