Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The pre-winter season holds my attention like nothing else does these days. The change from summer to fall was dramatic courtesy of the drought in the midwest this year. Many trees just dropped leaves before any color came, while others flamed brighter than they have in years past.

Now we're entering that "iffy" time of almost winter, but not quite. The weather sooth sayers tell us that the next few weeks will be cold, but then the rest of the winter will be almost balmy...for Michigan. We had that last winter too.

In my years of winter viewing, I've noticed on thing that makes this time of year great for me - as many changes as we have in weather they really cannot predict it well sometimes, and winter is one of those times that can be difficult to understand. It is the one thing that we humans can predict all we want, but often we are still wrong about.

Nature is - for a time at least, still in control. And for that I am glad.

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