Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This year seems to be all snow so far...snow, and politics. What does that say I wonder? We have a saying here in Michigan that if the snow is lake effect snow, it's not real or as my husband says it's "delusional snow." As he plows he sometimes yells up at the clouds, "This isn't real! This is fake snow I'm plowing!"

Of course he's wrong...it is very real and so much so this year since we've had over 20 inches of the fake snow on our yard and drive as well as 3 times as much on all corners and at the end of the drive where both my husband and the local plows deposit more daily.

So what do these two have in common? Possibly that both the snow and politics ebb and flow with the season. Like the snow, politics is a seasonal thing that shows up for a year during the presidential election season, and the other Summer or November voting seasons are there and gone in a week or so.

Some of the elections are important to home and hearth, but so many are confusing and frustrating at best. Voting for an issue often can include dealing with the legalese that confuses in the voting booth - like having to vote no to say a simple yes to an issue.

The snow will pass, and so will the candidates. Let's hope at least that the ones who fade with the coming of spring are those we need to disappear!

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