Sunday, February 10, 2008

Snowy Images

Weather. Where ever we live it affects our every day lives and sometimes our moods. For me weather tends to define the seasons and within each of the four there are variances that make them special. The weather today in Michigan has been filled with frigid temperatures and blinding snowfall that was driven madly by the winds.

Last night was all the things that make people shiver and dig deeper beneath their quilts, but for me it made for some vivid images that can make weather a true artistic delight. Under the golden glow of the street lights were swirling ghosts of snow that grew and shrank with the entrance and disappearance of those elusive flakes that sometimes seemed to gang up on the light and then simply evaporate as a spirit might in a ghost story.

Winter holds sway for this artist's heart - that is until Spring shakes her pollen over all the earth, and here in Michigan spring can excite any gardener as the green and early floral rash that breaks out, sometimes in profusion.

Everyone has a favorite season that stimulates images for memory and dreams, but for me the winter images are almost other worldly and really grand for times imaginings when the heat of summer overwhelm, or that empty quiet on any afternoon. It's those almost magical images that are the beginning of great stories, and I love them!

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