Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Only a Few Steps Away...

We all know that the economy is pushing people to take vacations closer to home, shorten the time away, or simply not take one at all because of the costs involved.

So why not try something totally radical? After over a year of writing about exploring my little part of the world for a local paper, I began asking people what they knew about their home area, and what I'm finding out is many have no clue what really is available to explore, hike through, or discover in the areas where they live.

Here's an idea...don't take a simple "one tank vacation" but start to become intimate with where you live. Almost every area has greenways where there are pieces of wild beautiful land that has been set aside for hiking and exploring the animals and plants that are native to your area. There are probably miles of places there along rivers and lakes that you never knew existed.

Not interested in that kind of discovery? Well, how about digging into history in the museums or historical houses in your town? For those who are as crazy as I am there are always the musty archives that hold a wealth of dusty newspapers and written histories along with a bevy of pictures, drawings and painting to give almost a complete picture of life from an earlier time. Hey, it's almost like stepping into a time machine!

Why not begin your own personal journey and find out about a whole "new" place. It might just be around the corner from where you live.

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