Friday, June 20, 2008

Song's that Inspire

I'm upset about things that are happening in my life and when I'm upset I tend to turn to music to ease the pain. With my ethnic background that usually means I need a ballad, or a fast jig to get my heart back on track. Being Irish often means melancholy is a friend, but thank goodness never a very close one. Music has always been a source of peace and encouragement in times of trouble and my kids were often falling asleep to songs by the Chieftains, Clannad, or one of the Irish American groups from around the country.

Today there are so many good Celtic or Irish groups right here in the States and I have to say I enjoy many of them. There are songs that sooth, and those that bring on a strong sense of who I am, but whatever I like invariably ends up on my iPod today. (In the past I have been known to create by own compilation tapes to listen to, or sing along with over and over again.) I don't know when I discovered that for me music could be a force to gain strength from in any emotional moment, but I'm glad I learned of it's power in my life. I can find peace, strength, or even simply a sense of where I am in my jumbled up world on a daily basis.

Today, I need a song's power and peace because I don't feel very powerful, or very peaceful either. But for me, the songs that ring true are the songs that say that if we stand together, "shoulder to shoulder," so to speak so we can gain strength from each other's energy.

One such song has been in my heart repeating over and over lately. It remind me that I may feel alone, but I'm not. I guess you might call it my rallying cry right now, but it is also one that is the song that in the game of rugby stands strongly for a country that has separate nations but the same team that faces that sport's world. "Ireland's Call," by Phil Coulter is a real uniting force. And right now it's mine too. (

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Em said...

Ciss, I found this when googling ahead of a creative writing session I'm teaching tomorrow. I was looking for some good music and I agree, the Call's a powerful rouser, mover and stirrer, though not quite what I had in mind for tomorrow! Before I head back to google, just want to say I hope you got the power and peace that you needed back then when you posted this.