Sunday, June 8, 2008

Storms and Nasty Weather

Weather. Here we have been inundated by some nasty storms over the past 24 hours. Rain high winds and hail have kept many people in and glued to their TVs. We got over five inches of rain yesterday - the most I've ever recorded here and we've lived here for over 30 years! I keep calling friends and family to make sure everyone's okay, too. (Thank goodness!) We live in sand mostly so the flooding hasn't been an issue here.

Life is made up of storms like these. They can be frightening and we never know how they will affect our little corners of the world. I'm fascinated by these weather events, but the after effects can be terribly devastating. We had many trees down, and roads totally washing out, but the long term repercussions can affect life all around us.

Here's hoping these nasty squalls, thunderstorms, and downpours don't make life miserable for everyone.

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