Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Small "i" That Melts Away...

“When summer comes i’m going to…” In those dark days of winter we all promise to get out more do more when the weather is warmer. I did, and i have thus far. But the weather is turning humid and hot, and that is something i don’t do well in because i become a ball of sweat. I have since i was a skinny little kid. I don’t perspire like they say women do down South, i sweat! I can go through 3 sweat bands (of any kind!) in a single afternoon when working in my garden.

I have found that taking off my glasses helps in that it doesn’t all run into my eyes then, but it makes working in my garden a total chore. When i was little i use to hide as much of the day as i could under a huge lilac bush so as not to have to get drippy. And since i had difficulties with the multiplication tables i use to lie under my mom’s lounge chair and stay cool there while saying the tables over and over again to her while she basked in the sun. I’d do anything to stay still in the cool shade.

Today, i get out there when i can because i love my garden. I drink as much as i can during the day when working outside, but it never seems to be enough, because for the next 24 hours i inhale liquids. I also burn very easily with my lovely pale Irish complexion so the shade has become my constant friend.

With all that frustration, i continue to spend time outside. I’m often found in the shade, but make mad dashes to my garden with my head band, floppy hat and bottle of water on my hip. A garden is a place of refuge – and to have it look grand, it must be worked. So every lovely hot and humid day this summer remember to toast those who treasure gardens. Oh, and pass the glass, i’m thirsty!!

Even while walking downtown Chicago (our favorite place to visit!) i need to find every “watering” place to stop along Michigan Avenue. No not a bar, but any restaurant that serves water and ice tea! It can make for a long walk down that Magnificent Mile. I am always like a man in the desert searching for something to drink and it can sometimes prove to be really frustrating.

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