Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Garden Walk

As I've said before, gardening is a love of mine. Spring and early summer brings out some of the best of that triangle of soft earth and compost that harbors my array of the annuals and perennials. I also have a small table and window box to fill every year too! These gerberas are one of my favorites - and the bunnies too! I have to make sure they are up off the ground far enough or the daisies are chewed off at ground level.

I like the greens in the garden too, and these are some of my favorites! The texture and colors are crisp and cool on blisteringly hot summer days.

My clematis likes to play hide-n-go-seek on the trellis, and so do I when the sun's hot. I hide in the shade of one of our huge trees for a time of cool.

I think that the peonies in my garden are my favorite because they are so

delicate and hearkens back to what I remember of my Grandmother's garden.

Gardens for me are a place of work, beauty, and rest in the summer time. I look forward to planting and enjoying them every year.

Thanks for taking a walk down my garden path!

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

You have a stunning garden! I'd love to take pictures there. ;)