Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Political Differences

I am an ardent Obama supporter this election season. I have done my research on the candidate and his record and am thoroughly impressed with his vision for America. That is unless I am with my younger brother. I tend to be in the non-committed camp when in his presence. I'm really not as divided over who I support as that might sound, you see I have an ardent Republican in my favorite, youngest sibling, and I walk a fine line to keep the rhetoric and angry words that often go with politics to a minimum.

He is in most ways a conservative, and I am most certainly a liberal in most of the issues I have voted for and supported over the past ten years. But I'll be honest with you...I value my brother and friend and have never been one who enjoys the political fights and those, "I'm right and you're wrong!" attitudes that often prevail with those I know during presidential election years. My brother can be as stubborn as I am in his hopes for our country and I have decided that I need to leave politics out of our relationship.

Who he is came from many things he's experienced in his life. He is retired Army, and I admire his loyalty to the things he feels strongly about and that stick-to-it-tiveness that makes him someone you really want in your corner in times of trouble. In other words, I consider him an honorable man, and though I disagree with his choice of candidates I need to honor him for who he is in my life.

In these times of political malice that seems to pervade our culture during the presidential elections I see a need for civility - especially with family! Our hard thought out choices for any office don't need to be sabotaged to make anyone feel comfortable.

There is an old proverb that we need to understand with greater clarity during these times of political strife. "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."

So this election season, (and probably many, many more!) I will honor the man who is my friend and brother. I can remain true to who I am without having to persuade him to think exactly as I do on anything, political or otherwise.

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