Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Flavors of Change

I am contemplating the changing of a recipe to fit how I feel today! I enjoy the Italian version of that marinara sauce, but I'm up for something new. Now you're going to walk with me through this new version I'm stepping out of my personal Italian food comfort zone! But I have to admit I like Mexican and Hispanic cooking. I am just beginning to explore this ethnic cooking.

Now don't get me wrong, I have been a lover of this type of cooking but haven't explored it for myself because I am really intimidated by the jalapeno. I've tasted this hot pepper in dishes that have burned my mouth for days (Which was awful because there were literally no other flavors!)!

So, how can I enjoy the flavors but not have them overpowering? That's the fun of creating or changing recipes, and we all do it! How many of us get a recipe and eliminate or change a recipe because an ingredient isn't available, or our families don't like it? I know I have over the years, and when something worked it gave me the guts to try it again.

I know when I heard that all those top chefs were creating new recipes almost daily I got a bit intimidated at first but slowly I came to realize that I'd been doing that on a small scale almost daily for my own family. Sometimes it can turn into a wonderful meal, which is always a great thing! Don't get me wrong though, I've had my share of failures since I don't know all the spices and their characteristics well. I can remember my sons shoveling dinner in with comments in between bites of, "Please do not make this again - it's awful!" (You have to understand, my boys while growing ate anything, but were very vocal about what they liked!) It didn't stop me though and I kept trying and learning as I add more herbs and spices to my own personal spice palette.

Like a painter, You can use these spices to add layers of flavors that become the meals I serve, and I love the process of creating a tasty meal. You know...I have one in my mind right now with that marina sauce. But I really have to try it out on my family first!

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