Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Surprises

Do you ever wonder if that old wives tale about trouble coming in threes is true? When my husband slipped and fell on the ice shattering his elbow Sunday I was certainly sure it was true!

Beginning on the Thursday before Thanksgiving I ended up in the emergency room in sever pain - my gall bladder. (Four days in the hospital because it was the weekend and only one surgeon around and he would not do it alone!) Then I had one of my big back molars crack and I ended up losing that tooth (It was dead!!!). And then Sunday my husband fell on a patch of ice outside our house and smashed his elbow, he had surgery to repair it as best they could after a terrible break.

He's home now in a splint with many weeks off of work, and I have to admit I am looking over my shoulder wondering - no, hoping nothing else happens!

Life isn't meant to be easy, but I think we're ready for a break! Merry Christmas!!


The Katzbox said...

No bueno my friend...yeesh...take care, stay warm, and keep posting...and thanks for your kind words to my daughter-in-law (Abby Bowman) via her blog, on the recent loss of her father...

Ciss B said...

Thanks for the comment, we're stumbling along here and are praying for a lengthy time of peace with no more accidents or other such things in our family.

I've been following Abby's progress with the twins through her blog and was so saddened by her father's untimely death. The gift they were both given was that few moments together with the twins. Blessings and my prayers are with the whole family.