Monday, December 8, 2008

Make it a Shared Christmas

A wish list...that's what we all have, especially this Christmas. I can remember as a kid growing up in a rather poor family the wish lists that I would create were changed nightly and stuffed in my pillow case because none of the wishes could ever happen. The funny thing is I wrote them every year and would sneak them down into the burning fire in our fireplace hoping somehow they'd make it all the way to the North Pole.

Today the lists aren't as extravagant and are more realistic. They have to do with many of the people I care about and know, and even some I just barely know. My list this Christmas are for those who are in need in one form or another - a son who is severely injured after a car accident to finally get the social security so his family doesn't lose everything; a bit healing for a friend with MS; a fair shake for a friend who has lost her long term disability as the sole breadwinner for her family, there are just so many in need and with economic mess we're in there are so many losing everything.

Life isn't easy. It was never suppose to be but that is where we come in as caring people in a hurting world. We Americans have the wrong idea - it's not all suppose to be happiness - that's different than pursuing happiness (The Declaration of Independence). We need to find some contentment and a little peace in our lives.

Peace isn't things, it is relationships, family, and sharing those every day burdens. Sharing the weight helps make them lighter, and laughter and fellowship are the best for healing so let's make these Holiday Season one filled with sharing, laughter and togetherness, not simply objects that people forget after the first of the year.

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