Thursday, December 4, 2008

Faith, or Simply Hope?

Faith. We all talk about it, but I see too much reliance on what we see as facts and figures for us to be truly faithful to anything. In order to have faith we need to believe in the possibilities of change...and of being able to step out and say out loud that we believe.

When I was young it was in church that I first began to understand what faith was, but as I grew I realized that in order have faith you have to trust, we need to have faith in that person, store, business or government.

So here I sit with all that has happened both personally, and nation-wide and wonder how will this affect all of us in the coming year? We all come to trust and faith through different experiences in each of our lives. For me it hasn't been an easy journey, but it has finally brought me to where I am today. From childhood with all it's pitfalls and for the the terrors of the teen years that proved to be as painful for this wallflower who tried so hard to fit in, to those early years of marriage as a military wife I was so confused. Part coming from the admonition that the family did not accept Episcopalians. I was too young and too frightened about losing the one good person I had found in my life. But part comes from the fears that I let encase me and hold me for so many years as well.

Stepping away from those pains and facing them made me stronger. I now stand for supporting those who are attacked whether it be verbal, or physical where I see it happen.

Everyone should have someone to stand for them, and behind them as support. That's loving your fellow man, and woman.

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