Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a Little Fear Can Do

To dream...perchance to write.

That is what all of us who type away at a keyboard pray for, or scratch away with a pen on that ever present legal pad want - words that capture people's attention. In this economic climate the value of most writers goes down and for those of us who attempt to make a living at it these times can make it not only difficult to get paid for what we love to do, but often our frustrations surface in between the lines of any column or blog we happen to be working on and that can end with interesting results. You see these written bits of ourselves often becomes a part of the way we communicate our frustrations.

I have been blogging a while now and find the written word a way to deal with the fact that I no longer have a writing job plus many other every day frustrations as well. And I'm not alone, because there are more that writers out of work these days. Fear tends to make that knot inside grow and for those of us who are wordsmiths the need to express those feelings tends to explode onto any nearby page. Not that you'd notice that because we tend to do much of our best work work under pressure.

I sure wish there was a way that we as a nation could channel some of this frustrated energy to bring us economically back from the brink. I'm not sure that we can though, and I think that frightens me more than the predicament that our nation is in today.

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