Monday, February 2, 2009

RDS and How to Survive It

RDS - it will drive you crazy! I know because I've experienced it almost every day since these terribly icy cold days have kept us all imprisoned indoors.

What is RDS? Restless dog syndrome of course! My two fuzzy buddies are not usually outdoor creatures - at least not totally. But with these cold winter days they cannot be out in their run happily howling and barking at neighbors, birds and anything that floats in the air past their wired home they really enjoy driving us crazy.

They totally relish driving us to distraction by barking at the snow blowers in the neighborhood clearing their drives; trucks going past; or anyone who comes near the back door. And when they're not barking they are wrestling, or sliding down the hall and ending up peeking from under the beds. When their faces come out from under the comforters you cannot tell me they're not smiling!

This madness usually begin when our little guy wakes and begins his tail thumping. He's not much for mornings and remains in his bed as long as he can, but if you call his name he will begin thumping his tail hard at the edge of his pillow on the wood floor of our bedroom. (His name is Mac, but in winter we call him thumper!) Foxy our older pup begins with a soft, agitated and excited bark that grows as they wake the house and those of us who are trying to sleep.

This is a daily occurrence and can make for a frustrated beginning of any given day, and though I am usually a lover of the winter season, I am now really ready for the warmer temps to get my own personal Restless Dogs outside!

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