Thursday, February 19, 2009

Working for those Never Ending Bills

Bills. They totally drive our lives these days. We work to pay them off, and often worry about how we'll pay them. Paying bills has been around for centuries (Think bills for the ancient Egyptians in hieroglyphics!) but today we have fine tuned the receiving and paying of these monthly pains. In fact they're often considered a purveyor of our own personal monthly doom.

The bill paying syndrome has gone from the postal service bill delivery which gave us those printed pieces of paper that told what was owed in page after page of excruciating details. When received they were often paid on the first or the fifteenth of every month twelve times every year. The quote by Benjamin Franklin really tells it all for many of us; "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes and bills!!" (My interpretation!)

So what's new for those of us dealing with those ever present bills in this age of everything digital? If you haven't begun to pay them through your bank's online service you are really missing out on a great, immediate gratification tool! Just go to your bank's online web page, sign up and the money simply disappears with out checks or stamps to get it on its way to that destination of payment. This makes the bill days much easier - but the act of payment can still be quite financially depressing.

With the progression of our bill paying evolution do you ever wonder what will be that new way to empty our, probably you don't want to know anymore than me how they will discover new ways to empty our bank accounts! Personally, I think I'd like to pretend, even if only for a moment that the money in my account today is really all mine!

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