Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Respect, a Thing of the Past

Have you ever noticed how the hate mongers, whether they be a Republican, a Democrat, or simply someone who feels slighted can get center stage and totally ruin a perfectly good discussion with their over flowing angry rhetoric?

I've enjoyed being on many online sites but there are always one or two who can ruin the experience with their personal rants about almost anything, or anyone. That's the thing that really bothers me about politics as well. So many politicians act like they have the ONLY answer and the rest of us have no right to believe the way we do, or worse that we're totally wrong and don't know it.

I'm not an arguer - I simply want the respect I give those same people when I give their point of view a chance to be heard. Good discussions can be had by sharing ideas. There aren't necessarily changes made in positions by either side but there certainly can be a respect for our differences if a good discussion is had over any issue.

Civility use to be important in our society, since those who would rather name call have made their presence known on TV and radio (and in other places as well) we've lost that sense of respect for the individual and replaced it with getting more press coverage for our own personal views.

It's a sad time in our country when solid debates on the issues are pushed aside for name calling and posturing.

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