Sunday, March 8, 2009

Southern Vacation Dreams

It is bit warmer here in West Michigan today, but it's definitely still winter - so right now I am dreaming of warmth of a very special old Southern town! I can actually close my eyes and see this place where the ocean meets glorious beaches and where old Southern grace and charm is truly the center of daily life there.

I vacationed in this spot two years ago and found it a place that I probably could live (albeit in air conditioned comfort in the humidity of summer!) The special gift that this community offers is the beauty of the old southern homes and the warmth of the people is something you just don't find just anywhere. The history is fascinating in the area as well and I could spend years digging up the history and discovering the people in this intriguing town.

Ah, yes I am really missing the warmth and the alluring history that surrounds the whole community right now, and I will have to return. This community really has a hold on some wonderful memories for me.

Where is this special vacation spot? Why Fernandina Beach, Florida of course!

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