Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Front Porch Life, and the Living is Easy

When I think of that old fashioned front porch it stands out in my mind as a never confining, simple way of enjoying summer days for the whole family and sometimes the surrounding neighborhood. The idea was that though a family space - the open air of this extra room was also a place for the sharing of all kinds of conversations. Those leaning over the rail discussions which often filled the time were a part of what became treasured memories. This extended living room that families shared with a neighborhood was a place where the world of the city could actually become a family.

Last weekend my husband and I went to a pig roast which really wasn't our usual weekend front porch type of activity. We sipped Coke, and beer too and enjoyed quite a few incredible musicians as they shared their love of that medium. It was a truly fabulous concert with great rock songs from a Steppenwolf piece right up to pieces from today's multi-layered music scene. There were tasty summer salads and a well roasted pig to share. But the fun was really had through conversation and sharing that special summer evening which was really grand.

I love to take time just to sit back and revel in these kind of moments every weekend during the summer. These kind of days really hold the warmth and beauty that we all long for during those dark months of winter. The days are slower, and often very warm and always perfectly illustrates the beauty of my small corner of Michigan. I really love sharing these moments with my neighbors whether they are friends from across the street, or across the state which can makes it even better.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun event to me. I'd love going to these concerts with positive vibes.

Dorothy said...

I just had one of those experiences at my sisters we met at 6 at her home ate, talked swam in the pool and were on our way by nine. Husbands and kids it was great.

I know what you mean...

Dorothy from grammology